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The American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians operates under the authority of the Bureau of Specialists of the AOA and is charged with the development and implementation of protocols for certification and the recertification of Osteopathic Family Physicians.

An integral part of these protocols is the testing of osteopathic clinical knowledge in the field of Family Medicine and Osteopathic Principles and Practice. This is done through a computerized exam developed and reviewed by the AOBFP. In order to assure the highest quality examination, the use of expert item writers of exam questions is used.

This document outlines the protocol for individuals who are qualified for and committed to being item writers for the AOBFP. Item writers will be given recognition as item writers for the Family Medicine Certification Examination. The accepted item writers are welcome to list their appointment in their CV and submit this work as required scholarly activity where indicated.

1. Qualifications:

  • Must be certified by AOBFP
  • Must have documentation of completing an item writing course or workshop approved by the AOBFP, or have previous item writing experience. This course should provide information on different types of questions, instruction in composing a proper stem, and how to select appropriate distracters.
  • Must not have been a lecturer in any ACOFP sponsored Board review course within the last 3 years
  • Must be actively involved in patient care, either directly or in supervisory capacity of an osteopathic educational program

2. Solicitation:

  • The AOBFP invites physicians meeting the above qualifications to apply to be an item writer for the AOBFP.
  • An application form will be completed by the physician
  • Upon receipt of an application, the AOBFP will vote on whether to accept the candidate
  • If approved, an item writer will serve a 3 year term and be eligible for reappointment upon approval of the AOBFP Board
  • Item writers serve at the discretion of the AOBFP Board

3. Responsibilities:

  • Each item writer will be asked to submit a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 questions per year in the area of their expertise. These may be submitted to the AOBFP office by either March 31st or Nov. 1 each year

4. Instructions

  • Both a non disclosure and a conflict of interest statement must be signed by each item writer

5. Assignments

  • Specific instructions will be provided to approved item writers

6. Recognition

  • Appropriate CME credit toward OCC will be awarded as approved by the AOA (maximum of 10 1-B credits per three-year AOA CME cycle)
  • Appropriate designation as an item writer for AOBFP will be given

Click the link below to download the application for acceptance as an AOBFP item writer.

Item Writer Application

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