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Can the candidate “split” scheduling for the two portions (cognitive and practical) of the primary certification or recertification exams? For instance, take the OMT performance evaluation in the spring and the cognitive exam in the fall?

Yes. The appropriate application covers both portions of the exam, and there is a section on the application where you may indicate your OMT performance evaluation date/season selection. It is not necessary that the cognitive exam be completed prior to taking the practical exam.

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Can you waive, or extend, the postmark deadline for the exam application if there are extenuating circumstances?

No. The AOBFP strictly adheres to the posted deadlines. Ample time should be allowed for the completion of the application and its submission with any required supporting documentation as well as fees.

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Will I receive confirmation that my application is received?

No, it is suggested that you submit these materials via a traceable method of mailing, and you may then check with that vendor. AOBFP will process your application within 3‐4 weeks and will communicate with you by issuing an authorization letter which will confirm your eligibility and provide further information on your selection of a regional test site within a specified time frame.

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Is there any review material you (the AOBFP) can suggest for either the cognitive exam or the OMT performance evaluation?

No. AOBFP does not provide review material for its exams. We can only recommend general review books or attendance at a general review. Check the AOA website www.osteopathic.org in their CME calendar for listings courses offered by schools, state societies or other osteopathic organizations.

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Who is Pearson VUE and how many testing locations do they have?

Pearson VUE is our testing vendor that administers the electronic certification and recertification cognitive exam. They have 200 test centers across the United States. Log into www.pearsonvue.com/aobfp to see where the nearest test center is for you.

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How do I reschedule an exam?

To reschedule the OMT performance evaluation, simply send an email to aobfp@aobfp.org and let us know you want to cancel your current OMT schedule, and specify the date you want for your reschedule. There is no charge to cancel and reschedule the OMT performance evaluation. At that time, confirm if you want to keep the cognitive date for which you are already registered.

To reschedule the cognitive exam for the first time, please send a letter of intent and a check or money order for $150.00 made payable to the AOBFP, to this office at 330 E. Algonquin Road, Suite 6, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 specifying the cancellation, and the new date for your cognitive exam. If you are making a 2nd or 3rd rescheduling request, please call our office at 847‐640‐8477 for the exact fee.

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How do we obtain a copy of your W9 for our A/P department in order for our residency program to pay the exam fee for our residents?

Contact the finance department at the AOA to request a copy of the W9. As we operate under
the authority of the American Osteopathic Association, any tax I.D. matters go through them.

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How do I change my name with the AOBFP?

Send to the AOBFP a letter or email requesting the name change, the reason for the name change, and exactly how you want your name to read on any future certificates, along with a copy of the document which effects the legal change of your name.  Examples would include:

  • A copy of a state issued marriage license or certificate.
  • A copy of a divorce decree restoring your maiden name
  • A copy of any other legal documentation which effects your name change


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How do I change my address?

Send an email to AOBFP@AOBFP.org or letter notifying the AOBFP of your address change.

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I need a receipt for the exam fee paid; how do I obtain one?

Send a request by email or letter to the AOBFP.

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What happens to my CAQ certificate if my family medicine certification expires?

When your family medicine certification expires, then your CAQ becomes inactive.  Once you take, and pass, the cognitive and OMT portions of the recertification exam, and are awarded recertification by the AOA, then your CAQ is reactivated.

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